Josef Clarinet features

Double joint socket

Double joint socket A Socket designed with a dual structure in order to avoid any loss of air between the barrel and the top joint during the tuning process.

Available on:MK11,K10


YUKIO key This system is based on the lever principle. The weight of the A key action is reduced to improve the operability.

Available on:All models

D double tone hole

D double tone hole A slightly stuffy D/A sound is cleared by adding a second tine hole under the left hand ring finger.

Available on:MK11,K10

F# & E mechanisms

F# & E mechanisms These mechanisms improve the homogeneity of the sound and the feeling of blowing.

Available on:MK11

Low pitch tuning key

Low pitch tuning key Actioned by the right hand thumb key, low F# & low E pitches are rectified.

Available on:MK11

Clarinet accessories