Josef Piccolo features

Head joints 5 different headjoints are available to find the best match for each playing style.

  • ヘッドジョイント #0#0Smallest oval mouth hole.
  • ヘッドジョイント #1#1Small oval mouth hole. Excellent matching on both model.
  • ヘッドジョイント #2#2Standard oval mouth hole. Excellent matching with the uguisu model.
  • ヘッドジョイント #3#3Square mouth hole. Designed for a powerful play.
  • ヘッドジョイント #Wave#WaveTo improve dynamics range, embouchure blowing edge height has been raised slightly.
Post height

Posts height We have increased the usual post height to obtain a key cup position nearly parallel to the tone hole when it is opened. This will not affect the fingering or the playing.

Strap fitting

Strap fitting In standard practice, piccolo key work straps are directly screwed into the body. However, on Josef instruments, the strap is screwed into an insert mounted in the body. This protects the wooden body from damage, allows a more accurate sound, and makes maintenance easier.

Pin-less mechanism

Pin-less mechanism Unusual on piccolos, all of our models use pin-less mechanism. This avoids key wear and a lot of pin-related problems.

Piccolo accessories